Namibia is a vast arid land bounded to the south and east by South Africa and Botswana and Angola to the north, with some of the most majestic and awe-inspiring scenery on the continent.


From the desolate beaches of the Skeleton Coast to the shimmering game-rich pans of Etosha, and the towering dunes of Sossusvlei to the deserts of the Kalahari and the Karoo, Namibia will appeal to anyone who wants remote Africa on an epic scale.


Because of Namibia’s low rainfall, there are few areas that can sustain large numbers of game, but the mineral rich springs within Etosha National Park attract huge concentrations of elephants and a variety of plains game to the Etosha Pans.

With the clarity of light and the dramatic landscape of the Pans, wildlife photography here can be of the highest order. Accommodation in the National Park rest camps is simple but comfortable or there is a choice of tented camps and luxurious lodges on private concessions bordering Etosha.

Some of Africa’s rarest animals, like black rhino and desert elephant, can be found in the rugged interior of Damaraland, where you can enjoy the thrill of tracking these majestic animals by vehicle and on foot.

On the Skeleton Coast and in the far northwest of the country on the Kunene River, there are stylish wilderness camps in remote mountain and desert areas from which you will see many different species, from oryx and springbok (which never needs to drink!) to cape fur seals and the occasional lion and cheetah.

Or you can visit the Africat Foundation at Okonjima to see the remarkable cheetah rehabilitation programme in action.

There is an excellent road network in Namibia, a legacy of its colonial past and the more recent involvement of South Africa, making self drive holidays very popular, but the distances are huge, and wherever possible we recommend fly-in safaris which allow you to appreciate the grandeur and scale of the country from the air and also allow more time for exploring on the ground.

Culture and scenery

The towering dunes of Sossusvlei in the Namib Naukluft Park are one of the enduring attractions of Namibia,and we can arrange accommodation at some spectacular and comfortable lodges within easy striking distance of Sossusvlei, with a range of activities from roof-top stargazing to hot air ballooning.

In Namibia old is constantly juxtaposed with modern.

In Swakopmund, which still retains German street names and nestles between beach and desert, traditionally attired Herero women can be seen in the streets of this popular seaside 21st century European town.

The semi-nomadic Himba people can be seen in northern Kaokoland, the only permanent human inhabitants of this starkly beautiful land whose appearance and way of life seem virtually unchanged for centuries, or you can marvel at the exquisite rock etchings at Twyfeltontein.

Windhoek has some really good new boutique hotels, so it is a pleasant place to overnight between flights or onward journeys to Maun for safari in Botswana.

Images courtesy: Skeleton Coast Safaris, Serra Cafema, Okonjima